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*new time for apron strings radio show*

// February 3rd, 2011 // News

Elizabeth Cook is one of the hardest working ladies show business. She’s on her never-ending tour supporting Welder and the fine folks over at Sirius XM are cutting her a break and letting her sleep in a little later. 

Beginning on Wednesday, May 4,  Elizabeth Cook and her popular “Apron Strings” radio show will now be heard from 10 am to 2 pm EST, Monday through Friday.  

Cook says, “I feel like I’m abandoning an old lover, leaving my early birds. But it is my sincerest wishes that with the 10-2 show, “Apron Strings” fans will find new ways to sneak and listen, and having more sleep, I will sneeze less on air.”

The Outlaw Country channel will move to channel 60 on both Sirius and XM radios. For more information about additional channel changes go to

3 Responses to “*new time for apron strings radio show*”

  1. jim kornegay says:

    listened to early show for years when i went to work at 6 a m . Now im retired and listen at new time love it.

  2. Ron Norris says:

    love your show…

  3. […] Apples in Dixmont to Unity with no gas at all.  And, I could do it all while listening to  Apron Strings on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country station (which admittedly, has nothing to do with […]

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